Posting comments

Some of you are having trouble making comments. Here's a little help for you.

1. Enter your comment in the comment box. You can enter your name with your comment or just proceed to the next step if you have a Google ID.

2. Below the comment box you will see "Comment As" with a drop box  next to it. There are various options here. If you have a google ID you can sign in with that or, you can choose anonymous and enter your name with your comment as suggested in step one.

3. Click "post comment".

4. You should see a yellow highlighted box that says, "Your comment will be visible after approval."

5. You're done! I'll get a notification that I have a comment and will add it to my page after I read it.

Still having trouble?

email me at rasah_01 at yahoo dot com....  Be sure to describe your problem, what you're seeing when you try to post, etc. so that I know how to best answer your question.