Monday, 15 July 2013

Hooptastic Hooplah!

This lady right here....

That's Debi. She makes me smile and not feel so old.  In fact, if you tell her you're too old to do something she'll say, "Says who? Why you gotta follow everyone else's rules?"

So, thanks to Debi there's a hula hoop craze going on in my little world. See? Here's Debi hoopin'.

Now I'm hooping. J is hooping. My niece is hooping. My mother is hooping, too. My boss just decided she needs to get a hoop, as did one of my co-workers.
Bunch of hoopin' fools -- that's what we'll be. All because Debi reminded me that I don't have to take myself, or life, so seriously all the time.

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