Friday, 9 August 2013

Gotta take the bad with the good...

So, I've mentioned recently on Facebook that there are big changes in my life. Really big changes....

As most of you know, I've struggled for quite some time with fibromyalgia and a couple of other pain causing conditions. Fibromyalgia has pretty much taken over my life. It wouldn't be so bad if I had some kind of pain management. But, I don't. I've had adverse reactions to all three FDA approved drugs prescribed for fibromyalgia pain. The only pain relief I've ever had has come from narcotic pain relievers. I absolutely refuse to get into a daily habit of taking them to manage the pain so, I just deal with it. Problem is, I'm not managing it well.

It seems lately that I miss more days at work than I manage to make it in. Mornings are the worst time for me. Despite taking a muscle relaxer twice a day, I am so cramped and stiff in the mornings that I can barely function. Generally, it's 10 or 11 o'clock before I'm as limber as I'm going to be for the day, and before I feel like I can finally pull myself together enough for a shower or put on a bra. Not to mention how many near misses I've had with falls in the mornings. It's kind of like walking on wet noodles. Not really effective.

I realize that my bra habits might be too much information; however, when you're toting around as much as I am in that area, it's a big deal.

All that being said, the difficult, life changing decision is that at the end of this month I will become a housewife/stay at home mom. There are a lot of sacrifices that come with this decision, and I won't bore you with all the details.

Overall, my close friends have been so supportive. They realize how much I need this time to take back control of my life and try to get healthy again. I'm reminded a lot lately of how special my friends are. I'm very selective when applying the word "friend" to any person in my life. I KNOW a lot of people, my friends I can pretty much count on one hand. So, thank you Sheryl, Sara, Julie, Penny, and Stephanie for your support, for understanding that even though I try not to complain, sometimes I just need to, and for being available to listen. I love you ladies.

That being said, let me also say that my husband is such a trooper. Once I finally decided to explain to him what was really going on, he wasted no time in understanding and supporting me. We made this decision together. He's taking on a lot by being the only bread winner in the house. But, we have a workable plan and we can do this. I have been truly blessed by having this man in my life. He's my lifeline.

So, now you know. There's the big, life changing decision. Hold a good thought for us because it's going to be an adventure.


  1. Best of luck to you! Prayers that you get this under control and can get back to being you! Hugs!

  2. Erica, there is nothing that you cannot do. You have an excellent support team. I will miss our talks and I never took it as you were complaining, we were just two friends talking . I know you have been in pain and I do pray for you daily. Your precious husband should get an award. I suppose you being home will be enough :)I am proud of you for taking such a big step. It must be scary and you know God has a plan for you.

    I love you and will miss you dearly. My eyes are leaking so I have to go for now.

    To infinite and beyond, Penny Gail :)