Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I'm afraid to ask.....

So, what do the things in this picture have in common?

They all came out of J's pockets in the laundry.

Usually, I just get rocks left in the washer from J's pockets. But this, I find disturbing.

Someone please explain the significance of a frog, an exam glove, a ribbon, a cupcake pick, and two small pieces of what I believe to be laffy taffy.

What can a nine year old do with all of these items together?

Why does a nine year old need an exam glove?

Where does a nine year old get an exam glove?

Do I really want the answers to these questions?


  1. Oh it's so obvious. Pssht. You get the exam glove from science class to practice on the plastic frog for the upcoming dissection and EVERY young scientist needs nourishment hence the laffy taffy duh. The cupcake pick came from Sally, his assistant. She brings cupcakes and he pretends to like her cupcakes even though they aren't as good as yours but he needs that pick to hold the plastic frog for his practice dissection so he can get an A in science class and become a world famous scientist so that by the time he is 20 he will have perfected his formula and will rule the world.

  2. This brightened my day, tremendously! Thanks for the laughs. SE Khoury