Monday, 14 February 2011

News of the Day...

Wow, what an eventful weekend.
My dad…
I had a long talk with my dad yesterday morning. I’m not sure why, but he felt the need to go back and discuss some difficult things from the past. Overall, it was a good conversation and a great reminder of why I love him, as well as a good reminder of how much he loves me. I’m a lucky girl.
Puppies …
With much grief, we finally made the decision to let my baby boxer girl move on to the farm. No, not the big puppy farm in the sky….sheesh, you people are so morbid. We sent her to the country to live with a new family, who has lots of room for her to run without getting into trouble and lots of time to spend with her to give her the attention she needs. It was a tough call, but it was best for her. I was terrified that she would get hit by a car or shot for eating a neighbor’s chicken, or worse, their cat.
Was it best for Sky? We’re not sure yet. She’s been moping around “looking” for Iva. Last night she went out on the porch, laid down, and then refused to come back in. She keeps looking at us, pitiful and confused, with those big blue eyes, and we just keep hugging her.
I fed goats and chickens Saturday morning. I was a little concerned about poor Toffee. She’s the iddy biddy one. She has a vitamin deficiency that requires her to have injections. It causes her terrible stomach discomfort at times and she’s mostly blind because of it but, they have been able to stop the progression of symptoms.
Don’t get me wrong, she’s still overall healthy and happy and will still make a good milk goat one day. It’s just sad sometimes when she cries because the other goats have gotten too far away from her and she doesn’t know where they are.
I haven’t decided if winter or summer months are worse when tending the animals. In summer it’s just so darn hot and sticky and miserable. The winter is cold and the water is frozen so you have to haul in buckets from the kitchen. Then you stand there, blowing on your hands, and waiting what seems an eternity for the slower goats to finish eating.
I skipped the eggs that morning. It was so cold that the hens were still sitting on them. Have you ever tried to take an egg from a laying hen? They will take your head off. Keep your darn eggs you old biddy. I don’t need them anyway.
Don’s oldest son is coming to live with us next week. So, now I’m on this mad dash to find him a bed and get his room ready. I have no idea what to do with all of Dylan’s junk though.
I’m excited about getting to know him.  I think this will be a great opportunity for everyone.
I’m enjoying getting to know his mom too. I’ve always been a firm believer that ex and current wives should have a good relationship, especially when there are children involved.
An example, I absolutely LOVE Dylan’s step mother. She’s a really special person who has fought tooth and nail for him and has always been good to work with me. She truly has his best interest at heart and I’ve always maintained that I couldn’t have handpicked a step mom for him and done better.
I never understood currents who were threatened by exes and vice versa. Get over it already! Your kids are watching you!
Hmm…let’s see, what else can I be opinionated and snarky about this morning?
Valentine’s Day
I bet you thought I’d have some sappy, soggy ode to the day, didn’t you? Well, I don’t.  I expended my daily quota of sap with my status update on facebook this morning. I got straight out of bed, posted my romantic overture, put a corned beef brisket in the crockpot, because that’s what he likes, and I’m done.
And Don, Do you know what he did? He woke up, yawned and stretched real good and called the dog! Can you believe that? Seriously? You wake up on Valentine’s Day and the first thing you think of is a blue eyed hound who likes to roll on dead things? Good thing I’m not the jealous type or I might have an issue this morning.
To his benefit, he did take the time to stop and hug me and then tell me that every day with me is Valentine’s Day. I told ya’ll he ain’t romantic. I meant it. I guess it works out fine though; I’m not a big romantic either. Besides, he’s home with me every night and he busts his tail to take care of us and that’s really all I need.
Odds and Ends…
Otherwise, I’m good. The gluten free diet seems to be working well for me. The fibromyalgia symptoms are significantly reduced and I’ve lost 17 pounds as a bonus. I see the rheumatologist this afternoon for pain management and will let him know my progress.
I’ve taken a short break from the short story. I gave my mom an opportunity to edit what I already had, and made some changes, and hope to get back to it this evening or tomorrow. I’m anxious and excited to tell Tressie’s story.
Happy  Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you have lots of love and hugs today. J

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