Friday, 11 March 2011

Lot’s of things going on in this superb little brain of mine. So, I’m just gonna lay it all out for you.
You ready? Good.  
Because I’m not sure I am. Suddenly my brain isn’t feeling quite as superb as I think it is and I’m feeling as though I need to take some notes before I get started.
Pfft…Nah…let’s just fly by the seat of our pants. It’s much more entertaining that way. *wink*
First let me introduce the newest addition to our home. This is Lola….

Lola is the product of a Maltese father and a Chihuahua/Pekingnese Mother. She is almost 7 weeks old. Want one? I know where to find four more!
Isn’t she awesome? Isn’t she the most adorable little ball of fluff you’ve ever seen? Several times J has held her in the air and exclaimed, as only one who has actually seen Despicable Me can, “It’s so FLUFFEH! I’m gonna die!”
To give you an idea of just how tiny she is, I measured her this morning.  I couldn’t weigh her, as I’m not sure this little dog even weighs a pound. From the floor to her shoulders she is 4 inches tall, not counting the fur. From shoulders to butt she is 5 inches long. Her little tiny head is the size of a small plum. She doesn’t even look real and holding her is something like holding a newborn kitten with her little tiny bones and all that fluff.  That little dog is basically the same size as J’s size 6 foot.
She is a snob. She doesn’t walk. She prances.
Then, she looks over her shoulder at you as if to say, “Oh, you’re still here.” And, because her legs are so tiny in proportion to her body they will “forget” to support her, and she will trip, rolling over onto her side. She’ll wriggle around trying to right herself and then look at you again as if to say, “Well, since you ARE still here, do you mind helping me up?”
She prances away again, “Thanks, you moron.”
I love that dog….
Let’s see. There was something else. *taps her fingers on the keyboard*
Oh, a challenge. I want to issue a little challenge to you guys. *puts on her therapist hat*
Now, don’t fret. The challenge is for me too. Over the next day or two I’m going to come up with 5 of my strongest personality traits. For each trait I am going to explain both the positive and the negative effect in my life. Then, I’m gonna throw that big steaming pile of self discovery right out into cyberspace for all of you to read.
Why did I choose that topic for a post? Well, I think we can all use a little self discovery. We all have some amazing personality traits. Every one of them can be used either to our benefit, or to our detriment.  I think that knowing how you can use those traits to your best advantage is smart.
Now, get busy.
Oh, wait a minute. I’m not done. Don’t hop to it just yet.
Wait. Nevermind. I am done.
Not as many things in my superb little brain as I thought. Must be delusions of granduer again.
Get hopping.


  1. I accept your challenge. Is it ok if we use cheat sheets?

  2. By all means. I'm sure I'll have one too. I'll be jotting down notes and thoughts over the weekend so I have something to reference when I prepare my post.

  3. Every time I hear the name Lola, I can't get the song Copacabana out of my head. Love!

  4. Guess who? Wanna come chase dragonflies with me?