Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Interrupting your regularly scheduled program for a public service announcement...

Today I’m using my blog to make a public service announcement. Most of you know I’ve been looking for work to supplement my current income and, if I happen to find something else full time I’ll take that too.
So, I responded to this ad:

Office Assistant/Front DESK! We are searching for the right candidates to work within our team. This is a crucial role for the company and a great opportunity for a strong candidate. Our team is creative, dynamic and dedicated to doing good work. We are looking for someone who feels the same way about advertising that we do. We also try to have some fun every day, and usually do. The Office Assistant will function as a receptionist sitting at the front desk and directing calls, visitors, etc. General office support will be required as needed. The candidate must have experience within an office environment. PLEASE EMAIL RESUMES TO:
Looks  pretty run of the mill, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not.
Here’s the response they sent me…

 Reply |Buhler Industries Inc. to me
Dear Applicant,
      My name is Craig Edwards from BUHLER INDUSTRIES, i link suppliers who have been personally tested to buyers and can stand for 100%. I source for buyers and suppliers at the same time so I can link them to make profit. On every actual purchase made, I have a profit of 20% .I source for buyers and suppliers within and outside the United States of America. I am always busy organizing seminars to bring buyers and suppliers together. I need someone that can complete billings, invoicing and payments on my behalf and get them to the vendors, as well as being capable to receive payments from my buyers from time to time, so the linking is effective and immediate.

        The only way I am entitled to the 20% payment is if the actual deal is concluded through me.. When suppliers and buyers go head to head, I am at a loss as they can transact directly with one another without my knowledge. This position offers you 10%, you're offered a very good pay as transactions are steady, continuous and constant. An average transaction is for $2,000.00 and over and you can handle as many as 3 transactions in a week as most payments are made in installment. The pay is good enough to encourage you to work hard and be efficient while it's more than enough for me to stay in business while encouraging me to source harder and link more suppliers. I travel a lot and when buyers want to make any purchase, when i'm on company errand, he\she has to hold-on till I return, to place an order, on the long term. The effect is our customers start sourcing for suppliers on their own, so having an assistant/representative easily reachable has its numerous advantages. We have lost too many deals due to this and i'm trying to put an end to it.

 The best form of payment used are business checks and direct bank transfers they are readily available and confirmed on the spot, they are not the only means used but they are the best for our process. Most of the buyers we work with are those we've previously handled successful transactions with in the past, new buyers are verified and confirmed before the linking process occurs. You have nothing to worry about. The mode of operation is as follows; you receive the payment directly from the individual buyer, in your mail, usually via ups and have them cashed. You send the payment to our suppliers/vendors when I need you to, or directly to the company and your pay is 10% of the amount sent to you.  All charges during cashing, sending of payments and transaction completion will be deducted from the balance after you have deducted your pay and not deducted from your own money so your pay is fixed on the amount cashed per transaction. You can handle as many as 3 or more transactions per week, but you'll be handling one (1) initially to see how efficiently and how quickly you can carry out the completion.

On 3 transactions you're sure of nothing less than $600 weekly. The hours are flexible and you can decide when you want to work as what you'll be doing initially is cashing the payments and completing the transaction to the supplier. I don't need you online 24/7, just to be online on a daily basis and at least check your e-mail regularly. Working with me will also not disturb your other jobs, (If you have any) as I require that applicant only have easy access to the internet, be reachable easily and respond/carry out instructions sent as soon as possible.
 Please show your continued interest in this position by sending me the following info.
First Name:    
Last Name:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
Mobile Phone #:
Contact Phone #:
Alternative Contact e-mail address:

Craig Edwards
(248) 434-8974

Well, if you’re not wondering already what it was that raised my suspicions, I’ll point it out to you.

1.       This is an extremely wordy response to a simple resume and cover letter. What prospective employer gives that much information without asking for an interview?
2.       Ah, so there actually is no existing office for me to work the “front desk” that you mentioned in your ad.
3.       You want me to cash checks from unknown sources using my bank account? That means I’d have to give you my account information for those “direct deposits”.
4.       I looked up Buhler Industries on the net. What Buhler Industries does has nothing to do with what this guy is talking about.
5.       I looked up the phone number on the net. This phone number is associated with more than one “business” and more than one “person”. It has been reported on numerous occasions as a check cashing scam.

People, researching a company you are applying to work for isn’t just so you can have something clever to say in your cover letter or interview. These people placing these ads know that there are people out there who are desperate for work and will fall for ridiculous stuff like this.

I immediately took a copy of the ad and a copy of the email correspondence and forwarded the information to the newspaper I found the ad in and also to the Attorney General’s Office.

Be smart. Do your research. If it seems too easy  it’s probably a scam.

Just sayin’…


  1. Well I just got the same email today. The only worry I have is that they have all the info on my resume, like where I live. What should I do?

  2. Yep, that is exactly what it is and they are now posting on Universities and College Job Zones. Isn't that nice of them taking advantage of the College Students.. Least to say I also reported them and if I had them in front of me I would well I can't say that in a blog can I. Thanks for your blog... Great Job. Also a researcher and pissed as hell about these guys. Looking for a career too. Thanks Again.

  3. I'm not sure what to suggest. I also, sent them my resume and cover letter. Hopefully, it's simply a check cashing scam and not an identity theft scam too. I'm definitely glad they don't have my social. Yikes!

  4. Today I checked my email and I received this: Dear Applicant,
    This is to inform you that a transaction has been completed and you will be receiving your 1st payment for processing.

    The payment will arrive via Fedex Courier service with tracking # 794445751558.

    It is part of your duty to monitor the transit of the payment parcel.

    On delivery of payment, you are to send a notification that payment has been received and then proceed with the processing.

    You are to have the check deposited in your bank account for 24hrs.Then you can withdraw the funds from your bank account first thing tomorrow morning.As soon as you have the funds in your possession kindly have your 10% salary deducted and then, have the rest of the funds sent in cash via Western Union Money Transfer In minutes to the vendor's information.

    Receivers name-VERNON BOOZER
    Zip Code-15206

    It will be advised that all transaction be done efficiently with no errors. This will enable the vendor to walk into any Western Union office and pick up the funds with his/her ID {License or Passport}.

    On completion of the transaction, you are to e-mail the Western Union transaction info/detail

    Info/Details such as:
    {i} Sender's name and address { As filled on the Western Union form while sending money.}
    {ii} 10 digit money transfer control number
    {iii} Exact amount sent after deducting the transfer charges.

    You are advised to send all funds through Western Union. Western Union locations can be found online at

    E-mail me with details required as soon as the transaction has been processed.

    Your efficiency is needed, more so this is your first assignment.

    Craig Edwards
    (587) 333-5142

  5. Got the same email today, and i also sent them a resume. Hmm? Who else can they be reported to? Wouldn't it be wise for someone (like law enforcement) to give them information and track where the money is going? When i worked at the bank, this happened to a customer (of obvious lesser intelligence) and it is illegal... I just don't know in what sense. Its not really kiting. I will ask my husband, he loves to catch criminals. :)