Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The so called "pattern" for My Hat and Scarf

This is  how I spent my snow day.

I'm always knitting or crocheting and then giving away everything I make. I decided it was time to make something for me.

I don't have a pattern for these but I can kinda tell you what I did. Sorry, I didn't have one to work from and just figured I'd give it a shot. There was a lot of pulling out and starting rows over; either because it curved too much or didn't curve at all. Anyone who already crochets should understand it.

For the hat and scarf both I used two strands of fiber. One was a Bernat Boucle and the other was a standard soft acryllic in winter white.

For the hat:

I ch 4 and joined with a ss
work 8 dc in center of ring
ch2 and turn
Row 1:
dc1 ch2 in  top of each dc around (10 pattern repeats)
ch2 and turn
Row: 2
dc2 ch 2 in each ch2 sp around (10 repeats)
ch2 and turn
Rows 3-6
dc3ch2 in each ch2 sp around remembering to ch2 at the beg of ea row
Rows 7-9
work hdc in ea st around remembering to ch1 at the beg of ea row
Row 10:
work repeating pattern of
2hdc 2dc 2tr 2dc in each stitch around to form a scalloped edge

for the scarf
work across in hdc ch 1 at the end of each row before turning the work. Crochet a border around the scarf if you like. I didn't have enough yarn left to do so or I would have.

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