Thursday, 9 December 2010

10 Guilty Pleasures....sort of...

First, let me apologize that I didn’t do this yesterday. I had a million errands to run and just didn’t have time.
Second, I am going to do 10 Guilty Pleasures today. But, I will still do Somebody Has to Say It.
So, let’s get on with the show…
Guilty Pleasures…everyone has them. I have a few. Coming up with ten though was a little bit of a struggle. I have things that I thoroughly enjoy. I rarely feel guilt about any of those things. Seriously, why bother with the guilt? You only live once. I work hard and my husband works VERY hard. We deserve to have those moments when we can completely let go and enjoy something special.
In no particular order:
1.       Chocolate – at any given time you will always be able to find something chocolate in my immediate vicinity. For instance, in my desk at work, I currently have hazelnut spread with cocoa (that I’ve been known to eat with a spoon. And sometimes, when I’m feeling really adventurous, I get a spoonful of peanut butter and then dip the spoon in the hazelnut spread.), a box of dark chocolate covered almonds, tootsie rolls and a handful of chocolate and caramel crème savers. At home, I have a stash too. I will not tell you what or where in regards to this stash. If my husband reads this post it would disappear. The chocolate must be guarded at all costs. Sorry baby…I love you, but not enough to share the stash. Now, if you’ll excuse me a moment, I gotta go wash my spoon.
Ok…let’s get on with this.
2.       Make-up – I spend a little more on makeup than most people do. At least it appears that way to the uneducated. Many would be critical about this but, the money I save by keeping my skin clear and allergy free makes it worth it. It also eliminates the guilt. I swear by Bare Minerals. It’s the cleanest make-up on the market. For $18 I get a small container of powdered gold; however, this small container lasts 3-5 months. Cheap liquid make-up from drug stores is worthless. Look at it this way, cheap foundation costs $7-$10 for a little bottle. If you wear make-up daily, as I do, you will replenish that supply every 30-45 days depending on how heavy you apply. Overall, when averaged, I’m spending less per month on quality make-up than you are on cheap drug store stuff and, at least I don’t have to stress that if I go to bed without washing my face I’ll wake up in the morning with skin you can chart constellations on. I guess it’s not a guilty pleasure after all.

3.       Bath products – Bath and Body Works. I love this store. I’m smart though. I watch for the sales. A few times a year they have great sales and that’s when I go in for the kill. I pick up enough stuff to last me a few months until the next sale. Two of my favorites are the ‘coconut lime verbena’ and the ‘Japanese cherry blossom’. I’m a girl. I like to smell pretty. Not for one second will I feel guilty about this and, because he enjoys my company and likes to be close to me, my husband won’t complain either.

4.       I’m a good cook. Scratch that. I’m a great cook. I can make anything I set my mind to. I can go to a restaurant, try a dish and then go home and figure out how to replicate it. I did this with that Woo Pig Hot Dog, eggplant parmesan and chicken scaloppini. However, there are some things that I will never allow myself to learn. Why, you ask? Well, if I knew how to make everything and DID make everything, then I would have nothing I wanted to eat in a restaurant. I would sit there looking at a menu and think, “Why am I going to pay $15 for this meal when I can go home and make it for $15 and feed my whole family?” Besides, if I ever learned to make “A Chocolate Mess” just like Market Place Grill, within 6 months I would look like a 300 lb Pekingnese and not be able to fit out my front door. Some things should just be left to the experts. In fact, I’m thinking now that I should have left that Whiskey Maple Cream Sauce recipe alone. I’m nearly having convulsions thinking on it.

5.       Clothes and shoes – Occasionally, when left to shop on my own, I will pick up a little something for me. It’s usually something I probably shouldn’t have bought and most likely didn’t need. I don’t say anything to Don. I just go home and put it in the closet, wait a few days, and then wear it. Sometimes, when I’m really feeling sneaky, I’ll buy it on clearance at the end of the season. Then, I put it in my closet until the next season. No one ever wonders where it came from when you do that. Sometimes, I think Don does notice when I pick up a little something just for me but, just doesn’t say anything. I don’t know if that’s because he doesn’t care, thinks I deserve it, or is hesitant to call me on it. At any rate, he’s never made a disapproving face or a snide comment and never rolled his eyes at me. So, I’ll take that as his vote of confidence and run with it.  Yeah, baby, I’m running now so get the heck outta my way!

6.       Here’s one I enjoy and haven’t done in quite some time… I love to fix a glass of wine or grab a beer, run a bubble bath with some smell-good stuff and kick back with a book. I run the water as hot as I can stand it and then soak until the water gets so cool that I can’t stand it. Sometimes, I forego the book and just play with the bubbles.  Yeah, I sit in the tub and play just like a kid. Then, when all is said and done, I take a shower. Yeah, you read that right. After a bath I take a shower. Something about sitting in a tub full of water (that the longer you sit in the dirtier said water gets) just doesn’t leave me feeling clean. So, when I’m done, I rinse off in the shower and wash my hair. I bubble bath strictly for play and relaxation. For the record, no guilt here either. So call the environmental police who control water consumption and tell them I said to go jump in a lake.

7.       Ok, I’m 38 years old and I play The Sims. A while back, when J’s dad was in the picture, he helped me create a family to play. In typical 7 year old fashion, he had me create what he knew…his family. Well, when things fell apart with jerk-face I had a moment of weakness. The “dad” in this family had no mechanical skill. That makes sense since we were keeping it real. Oh, how I would love to tell you some of THOSE stories! Anyway, I sat down to play and when this little family came up I had a moment of weakness. First, I entered a cheat code that allowed me to rapidly deteriorate his physical needs – i.e. hunger, sleep, social, etc. then, knowing he couldn’t do it, I led “dad” to the stereo to upgrade it and continued to lead him back to try it until I achieved the desired result. Due to his lack of mechanical skill and deteriorated needs “dad” fried himself and now resides in an urn at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery. I guess someone should have told him to unplug it first, then again there’s common sense. Kind of reminds me of the time when jerk-face was going to fix….nevermind. It’s really too bad that “Mom” can’t seem to find anyone willing to pay good Simoleons for an urn containing the cartoon ashes of a jerk-face. But, it made me feel better for just a minute.

8.       I’m a smoker. There it’s out in the open. This is one that I do occasionally feel guilty about. It’s bad for me. I know this so don’t lecture me. *sticks out tongue for emphasis*

The truth is though, I enjoy it. But, this alone isn’t the big secret. The guilty pleasure is that sometimes, when Don isn’t home and I have company, I get out the secret ash tray, light a candle and smoke at the kitchen table. Then, when my company leaves, I get out the Febreeze. Most of the time, I remember to hide the secret ashtray. Sometimes I forget though, and then Don finds me out. Then, he says things like, “Who was smoking in here?” and then I roll my eyes and walk away. I’m the only other smoker in the house. Who else would it be?

9.       I’m stuck. I can’t think of another guilty pleasure. I don’t know what to tell you.

10.   I’m still stuck. I’m gonna go smoke now.

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