Friday, 3 December 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

There are some things I like about my job. Really, there are. All of these things seem to be more people related than job related; however, they are still things that I like about my job. I thought today would be a good day to focus on some of those things and even share them with you.

Here’s the top 4 in no particular order:
Favorite thing #1:

Mr. Lee is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He pretends to be a grouch. He’s really not. He’s actually a dirty old man. I worked with him for just over a year before I ever received more than a grunt from him as a response. Now he occasionally serenades me (beautifully I must say) and asks me how “the other man” (my husband) is doing.

He is a relentless flirt yet completely harmless. He’s my bright spot in my dim little office. He’s such a charmer…even if I do occasionally roll my eyes at some of the stuff he says. The man does an amazing balancing act on that fine line between funny and inappropriate. If he ever retires it will change the entire atmosphere of the office.

Favorite thing #2:

Ms. G…I love this woman. I see her sometimes when I go on break. Somehow, for all her sailor language, I am convinced this woman was God sent. I may not see her for a week or more but you can bet if I’m having a bad day she will end up in the break area with me. She will always have something to rant about. “Let me tell you about the bleepity bleep bleep bleep that bleepity bleep bleep bleep my bleepity bleep bleep bleep,” she’ll say. This woman could surely give an audio editor a run for their money. Television networks would need more than a 3 second delay to keep up with her. It’s so funny I actually recorded one of her rants so that Don could hear it. At the same time she’s always ready with a good hug and a listening ear if needed. She’s more like “Mama G”.

I remember sharing with her one of my “gangsta” moments to which she replied, “Girl, you need to bleepity bleep be careful. They gonna mess me up when I bleepity bleep show up to bleepity bleep work and there’s bleepity bleep Channel 7  wantin’ to bleepity bleep interview me ‘cause that bleepity bleep co-worker Erica is gonna bleepity bleep be featured on bleepity bleep Snapped”.

I never knew you could drop the “F” bomb that many times in one sentence and it still make sense.

Favorite thing #3:

First, let me say, I do have an appropriate amount of sympathy for the homeless and mentally ill. They are in abundance in the area where I work. They break my heart. However, some things are just funny. Might be wrong but it’s no less funny.

For instance, there was a homeless man who often sat around outside our building. You wouldn’t think so but he was harmless. He wore black long sleeved coveralls year round, tied off in numerous areas on his arms and legs with ratty old t-shirts. It didn’t matter if it was 120 degrees outside, he was wearing the coveralls. He was often seen doing Kung Fu moves with some imaginary opponent.
Jerry (our maintenance guy who I’ll tell you about in a minute) was able to learn from the man that he was in that particular spot each day because he was the administrator of a space station and was waiting for them to pick him up.

Or, there’s the man who was coming down the street making a strange noise deep in his throat. He seemed very focused and very angry. I pressed my back against the wall to be out of his way as he passed by and looked nervously at the lady standing about two feet away from me. As the man passed in front of me he looked at me. This would have been completely ok except for the fact that he also snapped at me.

Snapped you say? Yes, snapped. Not verbally snapped as in getting snippy with someone. This man snapped at me. He snapped at me in much the same way a dog would snap at someone. He snapped with a kind of barking noise. You see, this was no random noise he was making as he walked down the street. He was growling.

He also snapped at the lady standing a few feet down from me. Then, he resumed his growling and kept on walking.

Bizarre I tell ya. Just plain bizarre.

Favorite thing #4:

Jerry. That’s a funny guy right there.  He’s a grouch. He ain’t pretending. He’s seriously a grouch. He’s cynical and has a very dry sense of humor.  But, he did buy me lunch on my birthday, which was nice. So, maybe he’s not a complete grouch but more like an almost complete grouch. These are precisely the reasons why I like him.

However, I’m thinking I’ll buy him a metal trash can and spray paint him green next Halloween.

This is the man that hung a sign in our spot in the alley that said, “This is a work free smoke place”.

There is absolutely nothing that goes on around this complex that he doesn’t know the scoop. Several times I’ve gone to him and said, “What the heck was *fill in the blank* about?” He always chuckles and, in his gravelly voice, says, “Oh, that’s a good one right there. Let me tell ya about this idiot….”

Today I told him that Penny bailed on us. She went on to work in greener pastures.

In between numerous expletives that he muttered under his breath I believe I was able to ascertain that I am to tell Penny he cussed her and his feelings are hurt because she didn’t say goodbye.

At least I think that’s what he meant. It’s hard to tell sometimes. I think I need a Grouch to English Dictionary.

So there. That’s my top four. Those are four things that I look forward to each day. Ok, so they’re not things, they’re people. But, you get the picture.

Besides, who the heck looks forward to paper cuts, sitting in a drab four by four cubicle each day, and talking to cranky providers?  And, why look forward to that when I can look forward to some pretty entertaining people each day?

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