Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I must be nuts and Merry Christmas.

I don't know who told me it was a good idea to spend five days at home with kids and dogs but, when I find them I think we'll have a little chat. *growl*

My schedule the next few days goes something like this:

Wednesday a.m. -- clean and catch up on the laundry, watch J bounce off the walls, fight with the dogs.
Wednesday p.m. -- drive 45 minutes one way to pick up Jack's siblings so they can spend some time together for a couple of days. Beat my head on the wall at the chaos that will begin the moment we all walk in the door.

Thursday a.m. -- finish the last bit of cleaning, entertain children, make a pecan pie and whiskey maple cream sauce and maybe some cookies.
Thursday p.m -- Get together at Sara's. Yay!  (this might be the highlight)

Friday -- drive an hour one way to take kids back home, back to Sara's to help with her turkey dilemma and have dinner.  All at yet to be determined times.

Some point over the next two days -- finish my Christmas shopping.

Saturday a.m. -- breakfast and gifts with mom
Saturday p.m. -- dinner and gifts with Don's family

Sunday all day -- NOTHING!!  I plan to curl up in bed and possibly die of exhaustion and high blood sugar.

For all four days -- other than this post I'm sorry to say there will probably be no blogging.

Merry Christmas. See you next week provided I haven't been committed to a mental institution.

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