Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I got mad at Young and the Restless and got published...lol

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I read this column every week. I love what Ms. Kitty has to say about Y&R every week. She's spot on. I've watched this show since I was a very little girl. It was something I did every day with my grandmother. I don't recall ever NOT being a Y&R viewer.  The show has gone down hill since William Bell died. The rest of this post speaks for itself. I was just tickled to be published somewhere. As for Y&R, they didn't respond to my email but, I didn't really expect them to either.

Ms. Kitty…I just have to say how much I enjoy reading your column each week. I gave it some thought this morning and feel that all of us who are disappointed should be sharing our thoughts with Y&R. Not that they care. If they did they would be making the appropriate changes. But, I sent my letter anyway and I wondered how flooded with complaints they would have to be to listen. Here's what I sent them...

I'm just wondering, do the writers of this show ever read any of the message boards dedicated to Y&R? Not just the one on this site, but the ones on other sites as well?

I would have to say they don't. If they did they would realize how disgusted most Y&R fans are. They would realize that viewers are bailing in droves. They would know what we expect to see when we tune in to this show.

For as long as I can remember Y&R has topped the ratings. I expect over the next year or so to see that decline. All viewers I've encountered, including myself, are completely disheartened with this show.

The men and women on this show have become bed hopping (dumpster hopping? glassy floor hopping?) sluts. *cough* Sharon *cough* There's no romance because couples are having rough sex in odd places with people they hardly know. There are no sacred relationships. Legacy characters are being tossed for newbies and cameo appearances. Stories are plot driven rather than character driven. Story lines are dropped without resolution. The writers take too many liberties with character history and simply re-write history when they don't know what else to do. The slow build for story lines has disappeared.

You insult our intelligence on a daily basis. You are clearly out of touch with the fantasy we're looking for.

We're no longer given time to invest in a story or relationship.

Why bother? We roll our eyes at story lines and fast forward through scenes with Lily, Cane, Sharon, Nick, Victor, Daisy, Adam etc. We watch only to see the one sacred relationship...Michael and Lauren. Then, lo and behold, the rumor is that relationship is about to be busted up too.

It's disgusting to think of what the current writers see as entertaining. Clearly, they are out of touch with the viewing public. I know they're out of touch with what I've always believed to be the heart of Y&R. So much so that I no longer record the show or watch on my days off. I have limited myself to reading online updates...and only if I feel like being mocked that day.

Your biggest loss was Bill Bell and I think he must surely be rolling over in his grave at what you've done to this show. After 25 years of being a Y&R fan I do believe I'm done. As for your writers and the remaining member of the Bell family...you should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you want to keep your audience you have to give them what they're looking for. We want suspense, we want romance, we want fantasy relationships, we want legacy characters who are multi-dimensional, we want lasting relationships with real problems, we want stories we can invest in. We want our Y&R back. 
Erica T.
If every one of us who has had enough took a few minutes to write a letter like Erica’s, pointing out the things that have driven us away, maybe TIIC would listen…because it certainly doesn’t appear they hear our pleas when published on the Internet. I am especially in agreement with the statement about having or intelligence insulted on a daily basis. That’s exactly how I feel.

…you can’t see me, but I’m giving you a standing ovation.  

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