Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's a conspiracy I tell ya'....

I’ve not really enjoyed this week. I almost feel as if there’s some cosmic alliance that has developed a nefarious plot to take over my life.
Does that make me paranoid? Am I now one of those depraved people always shouting about conspiracy theories?
Nah, not me.
Except, well, there was that little thing yesterday when I found myself stuck on an elevator at work. There are trolls that live in the elevator shafts, you know.
They heard me talking to that guy about accidentally pushing the call button when you’re going for the door open button. They decided to give me a reason to hit the call button. I heard them laughing at me as I sat in the floor and shouted at Jerry, my favorite maintenance man and now hero, to get me the hell off of that elevator.
I contemplated crying, but didn’t want to give them the satisfaction.
However, I did allow Jerry to scrape me off the ceiling of the elevator once he got the door open.
“You gonna be alright?” he said.
“Yeah, um I’m uh, yeah. Umm…I’m gonna go take the stairs now. Thanks.”
Then he laughed at me. Funny thing how he sounded just like those little trolls that live in the elevator shafts.
I better keep my eye on him. He might be up to something….


  1. When it rains it pours. Maybe they just wanted to give you a break. Some alone time away from everyone. I think I would have stayed in the elevator for as long as I could have lol

  2. Ha! Never thought of that. I'll have to remember that next time I get stuck in an elevator.