Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Daily Fiber, Ballet, Empty Nests and Lemon Zesters

It’s funny to me. I try sometimes to think of something to write about and find myself thinking, “Geez, I’m not that interesting. How am I going to keep this up?”  Then I remember all the things I’m doing and realize I am fairly interesting. At least I think so. Even if you don’t. But, you’re reading this. So, you must think I am. Maybe just a little…
What’s new this week? Let’s start with fiber. No, not that kind you eat. I mean yarn – all kinds of yarn. I am currently working on (hang on, let me count) ….. Six projects.  I am knitting a hat, a scarf and a dishcloth. I am crocheting two wraps and a market bag. Fiber Arts…that’s the term for what I do.
You’re probably thinking, “Why not just start a project and work until you’re finished?”  Well, sometimes I get tired of reading k1 p1 k1 p1 yo k2 etc and would rather read k4 p5 s1 k5 s1 p5 k4.  When I get tired of knit and purl I switch to dc5 ch5 dc 5 and so on…
I used to be a knitter – that’s it. I thought I couldn’t crochet. The stitches always looked too complicated for me to crochet. Then, my dear friend Stephanie brought me a book that taught crochet with simple, easy to use steps and diagrams. In no less than 10 minutes I was crocheting a market bag. Now I seem to have lost the will to finish those few knit projects hanging in the air. Crochet is so much faster. It’s instant gratification. It’s the difference between having one row done (knit) compared to the equivalent 3, or so, rows (crochet) done in a span of a few minutes. I believe that knitting will now be simply restricted to dish cloths.
Have you ever used a knitted dish cloth? They’re amazing. That was my first knitting project. I couldn’t imagine at the time why in the world someone would want to use a dishcloth made from yarn. Then, I tried one. Oh my goodness gracious! The difference is amazing and I hereby promise to NEVER EVER EVER buy another store bought dish cloth! *note to self--post picture of dishcloth at some point in the near future*
The two wraps I’m working on are absolutely gorgeous! They are gifts. That is, if I don’t talk myself out of giving them away. One, in particular, crocheted with Naturally Caron Spa yarn in Misty Taupe, is so amazing when you hold it in your hand. It will be the hardest to give up. When they are finished, and have been given to their intended recipients, I will post pictures of them along with links to the patterns I used. Expect that sometime after Christmas. Sorry, I can’t spoil the surprise. J
What else is interesting? Hmm…Oh! Who has ever been to the ballet? It’s my new love! Stephanie (that amazing friend again) makes costumes for Ballet Arkansas. As a result, she gets free tickets as one of the perks for helping. She has been gracious enough to share tickets with me. Then, when she realized how much I loved it, she invited me to come with her to do fittings at the studio. Now, I have earned my own free tickets for the upcoming Nutcracker show on December 11th and 12th. PLUS! I get to be known as “The Lovely Assistant”.  *curtsies*
I’ve never seen The Nutcracker in its entirety. I know the basics of the story and that’s about it. *makes a note on her list of things to do to Google The Nutcracker*
The dancers are so sweet and so easy to work with. I think they’re just excited that someone loves what they do and appreciates it. While they’re sitting there thinking I’m doing a favor for them, I feel like they’re doing a favor for me! Plus, I got to help fit the cutest little “party girls”, “party boys” and “snow” dancers. It’s win-win in my book!  (tee hee)
At home…It’s back to just me, Don, and Jack…and the dogs…oh my goodness how can I forget the dogs? I’m still trying to decide how I feel about it. On some levels I’m really happy and relieved. On others I now feel like something is missing. Empty nest syndrome maybe? Except that my nest isn’t really empty. It still has a man, and a little boy who smells funny…and dogs. Don’t ever forget the dogs!
Ashes went back to live with her mom. This makes me really sad but, I understand. I just miss her. She’s the closest I ever came to experiencing having a daughter.
Dylan has been staying with friends and will be leaving in a couple of days to go to North Carolina. He doesn’t know how long he’s staying. *sigh* He needs to do this but it doesn’t mean I won’t miss him. We grew up together. Well, I grew up. I think he’s still working on it. He’ll get there eventually. I’m hopeful. Really. I am. *sigh*
Oh, lemon zesters! This is what they look like. Except this one is with an orange. Maybe I should call it a citrus zester? But who cares? You get the picture, right?

I will stress again. If you don’t have one, get one! And a garlic press. And a food processor. And a mandolin. These are my favorite kitchen items. One day I’m hoping my dear sweet husband (hint) will get me a kitchen aid stand mixer.
What’s your favorite kitchen item?

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