Friday, 19 November 2010

If I had a genie...

We’ve all done it. We’ve sat and wondered, “What would I wish for if I had a genie?” In all fairness, I suppose if I’m going to ask the question then, I should be willing to answer the question.

Note: I’ve thought about this often enough that I’ve even given thought to how to express my wishes in a way that a sneaky genie couldn’t trick me.  LOL  I’m extremely nervous now. Each and every one of you now knows that I have a serious mental deficiency because, after all, normal people just don’t do this. Do they?

I guess, first and foremost, I would wish for good health and well being for all of my family members. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that all the people in your family were in good health? It’s the one wish that always outweighs all the other wishes on my list. It’s always first. This is the one thing that, no matter how many times I wonder, I always have on my list.
               Ok…honestly, I almost always have a Kitchen Aid artisan mixer on my list too….just sayin’.
My other wishes vary depending on my needs at the time. Sometimes I wish for money, or a new car, or a perfect figure, or a new house. I’ve wished for a re-do of many events in my life. I’ve wished for a daughter. I’ve wished that I had a baby. When I was single I sometimes wished for a partner. I’ve wished for an easy button.

What kinds of things do you wish for? What’s always on your list?

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