Thursday, 18 November 2010

Rules of Engagement --

Side note: there will be two posts today. At least I hope I'll have time for another. I just felt like this one needed to be done seperately.
So, you may (or may not) have noticed that a post disappeared from this blog and you may (or may not) be wondering why. Either way, I’m gonna ‘splain it to ya.
I had a talk with someone last night about what was, or was not, acceptable information to share in a blog and when the right time would be to share more sensitive posts. After giving it a great deal of thought, I decided that I probably needed to lay some ground rules and stick to them.
Rules for me to follow:
1.       I think I realize now that not every truth needs to be told and not all knowledge needs to be imparted.
2.       Always consider how shared information may reflect upon the people who are mentioned.
3.       Keep in mind that there are some things that most people just don’t want to know about
       me –regardless of how entertaining I might think it is.
4.       Before posting an entry I must think of how I would perceive the information being shared if I were just a reader and not the poster.
On a final note – I would ask that any of you who read this PLEASE feel free to tell me if you think I’ve overstepped. This is a learning process for me and I hope that you will help me along in the process.

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