Monday, 8 November 2010

She packed up her Barbie Dolls and went home...

As a wife and mother I’m here to tell you that it’s very difficult to be friends with someone who is not married and has no children. Compound that with someone who befriends you with all the expectations of a spouse or partner and fireworks are bound to ensue.
So, a friendship was ended last week. I could go into all the details of why but it wouldn’t serve any purpose except to look like I was bad mouthing her and pouting. I will say though that the end of the friendship doesn’t hurt, isn’t disappointing and I really don’t feel like I’ve lost anything. That says a lot, doesn’t it?
It’s not the first time she’s done this so I shouldn’t be surprised. In a way I feel sorry for her though. I was her only friend. But, at the same time, I’m not the one who ended the relationship. So, I guess that makes it her issue to deal with, not mine. Right? I guess I’ll never know since this will certainly be the last time she does this with me.
In the meantime I have a multitude of other friends and an amazing family to occupy my time. And now, I have this little blog.
I think this week I will work on uploading the story of how I met my husband. Maybe I’ll throw a couple of recipes out there for you and try and make this page presentable. I know absolutely nothing about designing a web page though. Be patient with me.

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